Messersi TC50D DUMPER

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Messersi TC50D Tracked Dumper

For tracked dumper hire that can do it all, it doesn’t get better than Messersi’s TC50D with its 6.6hp Yanmar L70V air-cooled, electric start, diesel engine, and hydraulic system with a hydrostatic transition. Its two-speed tracking is suitable for a wide range of tasks and a skip-heaped loading capacity of 0.3 cubic meters (660mm wide and 1565mm long) means it can handle a wide range of jobs efficiently. Harnessing advanced rubber tracks and steering maintained throughout the rotation, handling is simple for professionals and one-off DIY enthusiasts alike. Loading skip with large angle of discharge. The round shaped design gives both to the machine a new styling and allows a quick discharge of the transported materials.

  • Half Ton payload
  • 660mm wide

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