JCB 16c Canopy mini excavator

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  • Wear Eye protection
  • Wear Protective FootWear
  • Wear Ear protection

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The JCB 16c 1.6T excavator is designed to meet any groundwork objectives with simplicity and strength. As a high quality, top of the range mini digger, JCB’s 16c lightweight design can effectively manage short jobs or long-term projects with extended duration and easy to operate controls, it even comes with two-speed tracking for high versatility. Its best-in-class includes its usability too, with an extendable undercarriage to maximise the stable working platform.


  • Manual quick hitch
  • Auto kick down track motors
  • Iso control pattern: high flow, double-acting auxiliaries
  • Lightweight
  • Supplied with 1000mm ditching bucket, 600mm & 300mm toothed buckets

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