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Through its own internal air compressor, the GYS Plasma Cutter doesn’t need an external supply of air allowing it to be used more conveniently and in more restrictive places without this consideration. As well as convenience, it cuts precisely with high-quality results without distortion, even on painted surfaces. With the ability to cut up to 15mm of steel stainless steel and cast iron and 10 mm of aluminium and copper, our plasma cutter hire makes your work far faster, easier and safer.


  • No HF Start
  • With the Pilot Arc system, the arc starts without having any contact with the welding sheet. Starting without HF avoids any electromagnetic interference (radio, computers, phones, medical equipment, etc.)
  • Easy to use, fast and safe
  • Torch: 4m with a safety trigger to avoid accidental start
  • Internal compressor (noise): 60/70 Db
  • Reinforced protection for the use with generators and against permanent overvoltage up to 400V (factory tested)
  • PFC feature: power factor correction: regulates and uses the power supply more efficiently

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