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GYS’s MIG MMA welder is suitable for any job, contractor or informed residential use, and can make short work of demanding jobs. With integrated electronics enabling constant welding power, use this welder for any electrodes for a very short fusion induced to its direct current. It’s also well suited to precision work in TIG Lift and MMA Pulse for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other electrodes.

MMA Pulse:

  • Remarkable arc performance makes basic electrodes a problem of the past
  • Very good penetration and perfect arc stability
  • Developed for pipe welding as well as vertical welding
  • With an IP21 protection rate, it is suitable for outdoor work on site
  • Not affected by mains fluctuations or arc length
  • Protected and compatible with a 6Kw (7.5Kva) generator

TIG Lift:

  • Excellent or meticulous work on thin metal sheets
  • Easy start
  • Finish quality
  • Downslope auto

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