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Supporting your brickwork or unsupported walls is critical to ensuring the safety and quality of your work. We stock high-quality brick braces to ensure you have the best tools to work effectively and with the flexibility to support your different tasks. The simple design is easy to adapt to, has comprehensive support options and can meet any height requirement. This brick brace is all you’ll need to sustain the quality of your work, reducing the number of props required.

  • Simple to adapt to
  • Providing further temporary support options
  • Keyhole surgery for face brickwork
  • Full access to the task
  • Use at any height, high or low
  •  Stabilises lime & weak mortar masonry to prevent collapse
  • No Lost or falling masonry
  • The only temporary support equipment fully tested in multiples on brickwork
  •  Supports all of the masonry, even in lime mortars
  • Safely minimising the number of props required
  • Minimal Repair time

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