We Have Superior Tools With Flexible Hiring Arrangements for Every Contractor

When a contractor is only as good as their tools, you need to make sure you have a supplier that cares about providing you with the best equipment every time.

Alfreton Tool Hire has the widest range of high-quality tools and plant, from vacuum cleaners to tracked dumper hire, and there is always ample capacity to ensure you always have what you need to meet your project objectives and become a trusted name in your field.

Our clients come with various requirements, some work on large construction projects, others on their DIY vegetable garden project – we welcome everyone with a solutions approach. We provide solutions instead of products, which means we’re able to assess your situation and needs and make the most suitable arrangements to help you succeed. Whether that’s through a one-off hire, long term accounts, site tools drop-off or adjustable plans — Alfreton Tool Hire is flexible so you can be successful.

We’re dedicated to supplying Alfreton and Derbyshire with plant and tools they can trust for quality, safety and availability – so dedicated we used the name!

As a small, family-run business, we’re in a position to replace the corporate hustle with real connections and genuine care for our clients. We’re all about going the extra mile wherever we can to support you in fulfilling the needs of your tasks and delivering successful projects every time.

For us, the extra mile can look like helping you analyse a job and determine the best tools required, proactively working to understand your future equipment requirements. That way, we can ensure availability. We’ll even run tools that you need out to you when you’re needing something desperately, so you can maintain your reputation.

We’re here for you, whenever you need plant or equipment.